Basic prepositions

In Persian there are different prepositions regarding time, location, direction and manner. There are a few basic prepositions:

az from bar on with
be to bi without joz except

Nouns followed by the bound conjunction “e” as prepositions

A number of Persian prepositions can be formed from a noun followed by the bound conjunction “e”:

kenâr e beside poŝt / aqab e behind
sar e on; at jelow e in front of
beyn / miân e between piŝ e at
zir e under ru ye on
ra’s e at hodud e about
bâlâ ye above pâyin e under
darun / dâxel e; tu ye in; inside birun / xârej e out; outside

Compound prepositions

The basic prepositions together with a noun can form another preposition:

piŝ / qabl az before banâ bar according to
pas / ba’d az after râje’ be about

There are also prepositions consisting of a basic preposition and a noun followed by  the bound conjunction “e”, partly to express “where to” or “where from”:

be / bar ru ye miz on the table az zir e zamin out of the earth
be xâter e due to be jâ ye instead of
dar bâre ye about dar beyn / miân e among
be dalil e due to dar kenâr e beside
be manzur e for bâ vojud e despite
az su ye / traf e from be su ye / taraf e towards